What do you mean you pack French carbs into your carry-on? What are your in-flight travel essentials? One is a question I get asked often, the other (the former, in case you were wondering) is not. But alas, this video should be able to answer both of those important queries. You see, before Newt Scamander was stuffing magical, fantastic beasts into his leather suitcase, I was cramming baguettes into mine. Twenty to be exact, while I ran around all the arrondissements leaving a floating white blanket of flour all across the wonderful city of Paris in my very own customised Louis Vuitton Horizon suitcase.

I hope you enjoy my first little foray into stop motion, if you like it I may make it a boulangerie series. Or a patis-series? Dad jokes. I'll stick to making Parisian bakers wildly uncomfortable while they watch me pack freshly baked bread into my suitcase.  

Louis Vuitton Horizon Luggage

Direction & Editing: Kim Jones

Kim Jones