I am an intensely curious being. At the end of the day when the social media veil is lifted and the question of the commodification and future of influence is put aside, there's me, the woman with the lofty ambitions and the blind optimism that drives her to do something so ludicrous as sidestep into the world of directing. Having been the quiet girl brought up on "it's better to be seen and not heard", years later it still feels conflicting to dip my toes into and then actually jump into new territory without feeling like I'm overstepping. Perhaps I'm drawn to the uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Maybe that explains my move to the Philippines many moons ago and the high travel threshold. The obsessively curious side is the dominant force, demanding I satiate an insatiable hunger for knowledge, experience and the unknown. This obsession does not, despite the advice of many, reach numbers, likes and engagement. I'm more interested in the slowness of the process and while I may be expected to stand in line with the demand for more commercial homogeneity at seven seconds or less, I can't. The pressure to be liked and to create in the digital space is overwhelming. I've felt it strengthen especially within the last six months. Enter Bob Roth's Transcendental Meditation writings. Enter Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés. "Wildlife and the wild woman are an endangered species" she writes. For all the critical eye-rolling that succeeded those words from this cynic, there was a fundamental connection with the idea of a visual

narrative and language parallel seeping from the book Women Who Run With the Wolves that found it’s way into this short. While it's important to note that a feminist book using an animal leitmotif to empower the female condition seems unnecessary and antithetical to how I view myself as a woman, the core theme of the book - to uncover a suppressed inner strength and self, often disregarded and forgotten - resonated with me. But then again I'm a Leo, never without my feline decorated necklace. So, there's that. This short was personal to me, not anchored to a client brief but rather a manifestation of all the questions about myself that I wanted to ask through a different medium. I know this video will disappear from the collective consciousness almost as fast as I publish it but I also know that it will live as a representation of this season of mine in perpetuity. Buried beneath my all-consuming tendencies murmurs the voice of my introvert self. Reticent but determined and curious. It is that slowness that lends itself to any nuances in this exploratory project. They say experience is the greatest teacher and much like the lessons I learned in launching and co-designing for THE FORE it has taught me never to overlook the beauty concealed in my periphery. And while I still have a lot to say and a lot to learn about, well, almost everything, I'm going to leave my first directorial project here (despite the nerves) to tell you what I can through this ambiguous format of my own self-directed questions.



Director: Kim Jones

Wardrobe: Louis Vuitton

Producer: Marines Elizalde

Assistant Director: Jericho Rosales

Cinematography: Odyssey Flores / Cinematography Assist: Zen Flores

Hair + Makeup: Mycke Arcano + Sunshine Flores

Location Manager: Boyet Aquino

Sound Design: Kat Salinas + Mikko Quizon

Music: Len Calvo + Andrew Florentino

Editior: Edsel Uy / Post Supervisors: Judd Figuerres + Julo De Guzman


Photography: Kim Jones

BTS Photography: Zen Flores

Kim Jones