CUE AD (aka life) BREAK.

The Fore is almost 16 weeks old. If you demanded from me a detailed outline of my existence for those past four months, I would be unable to recount anything for you except for this - my being an odd composite of Alex Blumberg’s voice, wireframes, =SUM(B52:F108) and vegan wine. 

 How do you know someone’s just turned vegan? Talk to them for twenty seconds.

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For all the challenges that come with creating, running and surviving a business in its infancy, comes a humility and fulfilment I hadn’t really anticipated. The lows can be low, very low, but the highs are experienced on an entirely different spectrum. Colourful, rich and enduring. The transition from one obscure title (creative) to the next (entrepreneur) feels equally unfamiliar and natural. I realised there is so much information I have yet to learn and yet the obsessive, curious control freak I am continues to search for the answers anywhere and everywhere. That’s what the last 16 weeks have taught me. There are so many outcomes and entrepreneurship exists in a perpetual state of creative problem-solving.

Amidst the destressing to the sound of spiralizing vegetables, crying to mother Joan’s literary masterpieces or mentally transforming myself into the 6th Dunphy as a form of escapism I took a minute to fly to Hong Kong to photograph a series for CK Calvin Klein to bring their latest collection to the fore. (Yeah, I went there.)

Kim Jones