First thing's first; a very happy new year to you! A week in and the year 2017 ain't looking too shabby. Day two I found myself in Singapore on set shooting a project that was entirely unfamiliar yet exciting (we'll have to wait a few months for this one) and I remain hopeful that the experience is an indicator of what's to come in the 359 days that are ahead of me for 2k17. 

With all of the uncertainties spawned by the year that was, it's still difficult to look forward with only apprehension and dubiousness. There are unfamiliar, unanswered questions floating around in the air like smoke left by the cacophony that is social media and news outlets dropping alarming headline bombs faster than we could digest. However, it is impossible and unwise to ignore the optimism and opportunity that remains for our generation.

Granted, we've been thrown curveballs and have been left a little off balance by 2016. I get it. The democratisation of very real opportunity begs us to ask what we're doing as individuals to improve ourselves and our communities. Already, questions of the validity and necessity of "influencers" in a marketing context are arising and while I have found myself firmly planted under that moniker whether I like it or not, the doubt only further fuels my intent to produce substantial, lasting dialogues that serve a purpose. It is because of this that an internal interrogation consistently surfaces in my mind as to whether what I do is enough to satisfy that desire.

The winning clincher, I've decided, is that having this platform and audience, as do you all, in which to share is one of the greatest tools of our generation and should be utilised beyond frivolity. And we should do so together. 

Bea SamsonGabbie Sarenas and JL Javier are just a few of the young creative talents that are infusing the local Filipino fashion scene with ease and just the right amount of attitude - Samson with her experimental period pieces and Sarenas with her romantic ode to tradition are both championing Filipino technique and design in a way that only the fresh eyes of this generation could. JL, with his ever contagious, soft smile and demeanour as a one-man team brings an expressive energy to a set that is a refreshing amalgamation of humility and candour. 

The lovely folk at CNN Philippines came to work with me during this shoot that I styled and art directed for my #KJxShoesOfPrey collection (still available here for a limited time if you want to get your hands on a pair) to chat with me on their series 'Leading Women'. It is an honour to be acknowledged by CNN and it was an absolute pleasure to be sitting across the wonderfully charismatic Angel Jacob in one of my favourite interviews to date.

Tune in Sunday 7pm PHT to CNN Philippines and see what it is that inspires me and why I choose to take everything in great shoes of course...

Outfits: Gabbie Sarenas & Bea Samson  / Shoes: 'La Dolce Vita' Collection by yours truly in partnership with Shoes of Prey / Photography: JL Javier / Art Direction, Makeup & Styling: Kim Jones / Hair: Mark Familara

Kim Jones