Miss Jones Launch

Afternoon with Miss Jones-61 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-16 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-19 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-23 copy Afternoon with Miss Jones-6 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-26 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-52 copy1W0B6197 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-36 copy Afternoon with Miss Jones-42 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-8 copy Afternoon with Miss Jones-9 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-45 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-28 copyIMG_6229 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-60 copyIMG_6319 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-4 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-27 copy Afternoon with Miss Jones-29 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-30 copy Afternoon with Miss Jones-32 copy Afternoon with Miss Jones-35 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-38 copy Afternoon with Miss Jones-44 copy Afternoon with Miss Jones-47 copy Afternoon with Miss Jones-48 copy Afternoon with Miss Jones-49 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-57 copy Afternoon with Miss Jones-58 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-65 copyAfternoon with Miss Jones-50 copy It was a crazy eight weeks preparing to give birth to this launch and months on top of that trying to perfect the new site layout. When my good friend Nina Santamaria and I sipped mojitos on Boracay's shores last May she suggested I throw a party in celebration of the new Miss Jones. I laughed in her face. Until I realised she was right (I love you Nina, thank you). Even though this digital journey of mine is very much still in it's infant stage, it was incredibly important to me, mainly for sentimental reasons, that I bookmark this moment in my career and say thank you to the people who have supported me in this odd world we call blogging. It was a gathering of those who have inspired me in the industry - indirectly or a-slap-in-the-face directly. It was merely an afternoon catching up, creative juices flowing while we all held tea like ladies (even the men), pinkies in the air, sipping contently. It was refreshing just to be able to reconnect, sit back and laugh with those I love and respect. Thank you to all who attended and thank you for always supporting and encouraging me. It's invaluable. You know who you are. Thank you also to all of you reading this now who turn on your laptops, bookmark the URL or scroll through your phones daily to read Miss Jones. I always love hearing from you!

A huge, digital-group-hug thank you to Vitress, For Me, Power Mac Center, Sunnies Studios, MAC Philippines, Xernan Orticio, Kalookies, Sam Valenciano and Sweet Patti Cakes for being such amazing partners for this event! I am truly grateful to you all for bringing to life an 'Afternoon with Miss Jones'.

Zara Top, Xernan Orticio Skirt, Stuart Weitzman Heels

Makeup by the geniuses that are Owen Sarmiento, Hair by Mark Familara

Photos by Mare Collantes and Kayo Cosio

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