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It's fair to say that the maxi dress is a travelling girl's greatest ally and I have milked this one  for all it's worth. It's hassle-free and doubles as a (very thin) blanket when you don't anticipate the cold bite of an ocean breeze. Many of you asked about the dress after seeing it here so I had to give it it's own special post. What you will notice however, is how I enjoy hacking away at my clothes every now and then if I see fit, and the resulting frayed sleeves in these photos. In my moment of (questionable) brilliance that morning, I had decided that sleeves were overrated and I happily chopped away with the tiniest of cuticle scissors. Rest assured, these sleeves are professionally hemmed now. It's just something I've always done. My first recollection of such an act is when I tried to glue styrofoam to my clogs in 7th grade because I wanted platforms like the Spice Girls. Clogforms, if you will. It turns out that it can't be done, to my absolute 13-year-old horror. Alas, this time proved successful and the dress lives on to be milked once more.

ASOS Salon Dress (Similar here)

Photos: Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones