Kim Jones Louis Vuitton Alice Mccall Amanpulo Palawan 1 Kim Jones Louis Vuitton Alice Mccall Amanpulo Palawan 2

From the breezy shores of Amanpulo (and out of the dusty archives that this story surfaces from) I present to you two pieces that have stolen my heart. First, the Pochette Métis by Louis Vuitton that, in all it's monogrammed goodness, couldn't be a more perfect way to carry around your nearest and dearest essentials and second, the Dada jumpsuit. Whether or not it references the avant-garde movement of the 20th century, who knows, but an Aussie designer has created this scalloped beauty, sure to send you straight to the whimsical land of Alice McCall.

Set against the purest of landscapes, with a cyan so deep not even Photoshop could enhance it, both have me instantly wishing this bowl of almonds I'm ploughing into (and I) was set upon the sand of breathtaking Amanpulo, Philippines.