1W0B1995e copy 1W0B2001e copy 1W0B2032e copy1W0B2052e copy 1W0B2034e copy1W0B2036e copy Three nights in a place this pristine and exquisite will never be enough. If you're not relaxing in the crystal clear waters, lunching in the outdoor cafe, exploring the island by buggy or admiring the sunset and sunrise, you're probably not even there. It was an incredible 4 days, punctuated with the most breathtaking sunset I've ever seen. Echo and I were walking along the shore to find a sandbar (sort 0f) and when we (sort of) found it we saw a couple being serenaded as the sun set. That's just the kind of thing people do on this incredible island. So, naturally we decided to capture these moments ourselves, probably getting a little too close to the other romantic couple's rendezvous, but they got it. They understood, because they too were marvelling at how the colours of the sky lit up the ocean and the sand with an array of soft blues and pinks and fiery oranges, in turn creating a 360 degree view of the most beautiful sunset ever. (Don't even get me started on how perfect the moon was...)

Marysia Swimwear

Photography: Jericho RosalesĀ