Today marks the first day of Philippine Fashion Week and I’m speed-typing this blog post because there’s so much to do but I am that excited and literally cannot wait to share a little collaboration with another local photographer, Edric Chen. We’ll be working together as a writer/photographer tandem to cover Fashion Week for Rappler. While organising my trip to Bali, finalising and editing (and then re-editing) my photos and column and planning exciting projects for Miss Jones, the extremely talented Edric, who has shot an array of prominent bloggers and models from all over the world, and I took a few quick snaps during what had to be the hottest day ever. Ever. He managed to take these in between my heavy panting and profuse sweating which is a talent in itself. There’s more coming from Edric and I so stay tuned! In the meantime I will go and attempt to work out, curl my hair, reply to emails and dress myself all simultaneously.

American Apparel Shirt, American Apparel Shorts, ASOS Rings Photos by Edric Chen