1W0B6970e copy1W0B6949e copy 1W0B6918e copy 1W0B6946e copy1W0B6911e copy1W0B7013e copy 1W0B6988e copy Most of you saw the plethora of photos I took with blue skies, fruit shakes and churros here or here from Spain. Although many reviews of Barcelona refer to the popular place as a can and visitors simply as the sardines, the amount of tourists does nothing to dampen the joy of being in one of the world's most famous cities. When you're not revelling in the beauty of the architecture or shopping boutiques in the quaintest of streets (It is exactly what I imagined European shopping to look like) the coffee and churros will call your name from the many cafes that the city is peppered with. Echs and I shot this after spending a day wandering around Montjuic and getting incredibly lost but the views we were greeted with stunned us. We spent a good half an hour just watching the life underneath us and taking cheesy couple selfies we'll enjoy years from now. On your own adventure to Barcelona you must have Paella in Barceloneta, go vintage shopping off of La Rambla, eat breakfast in La Boqueria, visit the Museo Picasso, spend a morning in Park Guell, and just simply walk. Don't take a cab, just wander around and get happy getting lost.

Zara Coat, For Me sweater, Zara Shorts, Miu Miu Mules, Celine Bag, H&M Rings, MAC Lady Danger Lipstick

Photo by Jericho Rosales

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