birds of a feather

These are stunning. Not "stunning", the way we use the word for sunsets and designer shoes (or previously posted 'Moonwalk' videos), but the actual meaning of the word. The images stunned me. Despite the fact that I have some ornithophobic friends that would be slightly repulsed and possibly even bought to tears at the sight of this, I simply can't get over the intricacies of these artworks. Created with an assortment of inherited surgery tools, the artist Chris Maynard explains "Feathers are a pinnacle of achievement of life in their form, function and beauty. After feathers perform their functions on birds, they are molted yearly but keep their beauty and complexity. I want to show feathers in a different light, off the bird. I enjoy highlighting aspects of a feather's form, pattern or colour." 

You guys have to see the rest here.