blue yonder


Miss Jones readers are no strangers to the beguiling effect that clouds have on me. Remember this? Well, there's another photographer that's caught my attention. Matt Molloy stacks hundreds of his timelapse images on top of one another to create what can only be likened to a painter's brushstrokes.

He states; "The amount of photos I use differs depending on a few factors. The subject, whether it's clouds stars, myself running around in the dark spinning poi on fire, or whatever it may be, as well as the speed they're moving at. It can be anything from the time interval between shots to the overall look of the stacked image I want to achieve. Sometimes the clouds are moving quick and there's lots of them. If I stack too many photos from a timelapse like that it can get a little messy. I usually try stacking all the photos from a timelapse to get an idea of what I'm working with, if it's too crazy I'll start taking some out and try again. I've also found it helps to watch them as a regular timelapse video to pick out the interesting sections. Most of the sunset stacks are around 100 to 200 photos."

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