by the bay

What a week. Edric and I shot these at Manila Bay on day two of fashion week, despite a run in with a guard who thought I was standing a little close to the edge of the barrier I had decided to climb onto. I opted for light and white that day, I felt like I was flying blind in outfit choices given the fact I knew that I’d either be standing or waiting for the most of the day. I’m not sure how he did it but Edric is so talented he made metal roller doors look chic and the manila bay look like silk. That’s some serious skill.

My first Philippine Fashion Week experience was unforgettable, which is surprising- I feel as though I was sleepwalking from day one onwards. I learnt so much and it’s amazing and uplifting to see how Filipino designers are crafting and creating pieces that ought to be sashaying down international runways to a global audience. Xernan Orticio, Edgar San Diego, Jaz Cerezo and Michael Cinco were just a few of my favourites and I hope one day I get the chance to wear them. And photograph them. On Miss Jones. Soon. (Hint hint.) What is most promising is the amount of designers who opted to utilise water lily, abaca, bamboo and pineapple silk – just a few of the local renewable materials seen in the designers’ works. Overall the experience was incredibly tiring but equally inspiring; and on that note I’m now ready to face plant into a giant pillow.

Zara Top, Mango Pants, Ever New Clutch, Aldo Heels Photos by Edric Chen