1. Getting (literally) blown away on this hidden jetty 2. Just me…and my white hat and the beautiful blues of Boracay 3. Bathing in what has to be the biggest pool I have ever seen 4. Unintentionally (promise!) wearing matching swimwear and swapping personas with my love 5. Ecstatic I got a window seat so I could capture the stunning sunset above the clouds It was three days of basking under the sun and gasping at the brilliant shades of sapphire, cerulean and turquoise that the waters of Boracay are famous for. I always seem to forget how beautiful that place is, that when I arrive each time I’m blown away by the purity of the water and the sand. I just had to share with you my instagram diary of my trip with Echo and…my white hat. A few of you picked up that I was obsessed with that little thing. It made it to so many of my instagram posts, you guys couldn’t help but notice!! It was an impulsive purchase from my sunbed mid-tan and it was my favourite accessory the entire trip! The colours are so vivid and so bright that I had to share this little diary. It’s always fun just to jump around the beach in matching swimwear, play beach soccer with new friends and explore different shores with him on the back of a motorcycle. It seems that little trips to the beach are becoming more and more rare for Echo and I as our schedules rarely align long enough to go beyond dinner and a movie. He’s having an amazing time in his career right now too, busy promoting his advocacy film Alagwa, (showing in SM cinemas nationwide from October 9) and embarking on a new chapter of film and TV projects so our time together, as short as it might be, is precious and savoured in little photos like these.

I also want to say a special thank you to Stylebible.ph for awarding me the Best Instagram Microblogger at the Style Bible Virtual Style Awards. I’ve always been an avid fan of the power of social media and I want to congratulate Stylebible.ph on creating the first ever Virtual Style Awards that help give credibility to the up and coming creative local minds online. It’s so gratifying to know that there are people who appreciate what you do and the effort you put into it – even if it just rolling around in the sand crouching on all fours trying to get the perfect beach sunset photo.

Photos by me and Jericho Rosales See the full post here