1W0B6509e copy1W0B6593e copy1W0B6527e copy 1W0B6559e copy1W0B6550eee copy1W0B6576e copy 1W0B6589e copy1W0B6599e copy 1W0B6605e copy The easiest pieces to wear to ensure you look like you put effort into your travelling outfits are as follows - 1. hat, 2. colour, 3. print. In that order. Given the sales ran rampant throughout Barcelona I made the concious decision to source out some labels that we don't have in the Philippines (which, excluding designer brands, wasn't that many. We sure do like our Spanish brands!) Given my deep relationship with my Macbook, even on travels I restrain myself when it comes to shopping - I prefer to shop online in front of a 13-inch illuminated screen. Call me crazy.

However, the "rebajas" were incredibly alluring and I found one of my favourite stores, COS - in all its minimalist, monochromatic glory. And COS delivered. Bright blue trousers that magically refused to crinkle at the bottom of my suitcase. (My shopping priorities change when I'm travelling, don't judge. Why is it that hotels refuse to provide irons and instead offer exorbitant laundry prices?!) They became my staple during our Spanish exploits and not only further cemented my love for low maintenance trousers but inspired an idea to start my own adventure a la 'Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants'.

Rag & Bone Hat, Zara top, COS Trousers, Miu Miu Mules, Celine Bag, H&M Rings, MAC Lady Danger Lipstick

Photos by Jericho Rosales

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