darkened cities


Rio de Janeiro
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Ground Zero
New York

After experiencing a power outage only last week, I realised 1. how many time-killing activities require a power point and 2. how much I enjoyed reading a book by candlelight. Referred to as a "brown out" by Filipinos, black outs as I know them to be, are a nightmare if you find yourself stuck in the middle of one with no company in sight. Literally. Now, imagine whole cities brought to their knees by this sombre veil. French photographer Thierry Cohen uses digital manipulation in his photographs, creating beautiful, starry skylines that we may never actually witness. However, his images show affects of urbanization and in doing so, paint a picture about what might be if industrialisation continues to devour our natural world.

His process is incredible. "The photographer would first record a cityscape, and then note down the exact latitude of his location. he would then travel to a deserted landscape that shared the exact latitude as the city and point his camera at the same skyline."" Cohen traveled to the most populous cities around the world, including new York, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro. He then traveled to largely untouched wilderness such as the Atacama Desert, the Sahara and the Mojave, all of which share the same latitude as some of these cities."

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