Well, you didn't have to wait very long in order to hear chapter 2 of my apparent perpetual admiration for anything Frank Gehry. This time, it's from Los Angeles, where Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall has shoved the famous Hollywood sign off its hilltop perch as the official LA landmark. It's also where Paolo and I decided to tell a story of an Australian designer who's constructional approach to clothing marries seamlessly into the steel landscape of the Hall. A long time admirer of Lee, I've fallen for his, almost mechanical, aesthetic and how he translates it into striking pieces that are pleasantly wearable. A quick google search of the brand will display seatbelt waists, perforated flounces, linear prints and skirts that might have been constructed with the actual facade of Switzerland's Messe Basel New Hall. (Okay, that's not at all true, but go ahead, google it.) One of the most technically perspicacious designers to come out of Australia - I'm not the only one anxiously waiting to see what's coming next.

Outfits: All Dion Lee

Photography: Paolo Pineda / Styling & Editing: Kim Jones