Traveling has been on my mind a lot lately. There has always been a desire to explore and immerse myself into different cultures. I guess that’s why I landed here in the Philippines in the first place. Next on my holiday bucket list is Europe. (Duh!) No doubt my views of Europe are slightly idealistic after the countless novels, movies, songs and instagram feeds I’ve enjoyed but I expect no disappointment. My boyfriend is the same as me, we’re forever fueling the other’s wild fantasy of what its like across the oceans. I imagine my wardrobe – heavy crimson coats, bright sweaters and woolen berets. Then there’s the food. And the coffee. And the parks. And the park benches. You name a cliche, I’ve dreamed of it. Alas, there is work to be done here and I will, instead, continue to enjoy the Parisian sights and sounds via Woody Allen and Owen Wilson. Urban Outfitters Dress, ASOS Rings, Massimo Dutti Moccasins

Photos by Edric Chen