1W0B0128e copy1W0B0156ee copy1W0B0004e copy1W0B0110e copy1W0B0033e copy1W0B0208e copy1W0B0046e copy1W0B0169e copy1W0B0078e copy1W0B0102e copy1W0B0155d copy1W0B0187e copy1W0B0206e copy1W0B0217e copy1W0B0245e copy1W0B0256e copy I never suspected that a giant structure constructed of wrought iron would have such a positive effect on me, let alone reduce me to tears. Yes, I am not ashamed to admit that when I arrived in Paris for the first time and drove past those famous sparkling lights - I teared up, passing it off as yawning, only to wet my face once again when we opened the windows from our hotel and I could see the tip of the Eiffel Tower.

Without me sounding totally idealistic and romanticising the city completely, Paris is just such a beautiful sight. Every corner of the city is layered with beauty that appeals to all of your senses. The smell of the patisseries, the lights of the city at night and the sounds of street performers all enchanting and all working harmoniously together, gently pulling you in, making you fall deeper and deeper in love with the city.

If, like me, your first sights of Paris were through Woody Allen's eyes, you'll recognise where we shot this post. It was briefly shown in the introduction of Midnight in Paris and it had become a burning desire to find it and see it with my own eyes. After some research, we found the address and went to shoot there the next day. We spent a good while just staring, snapping a few photos in between, then stopping to stare again. I would look over my shoulder and pinch myself that the beautiful hunk of metal was right behind me, and we had the view all to ourselves. Some of those photos are obviously posed, however Echo did manage to capture a candid shot of me looking over my shoulder in genuine awe, just breathing it all in. It was then that my desire to travel grew exponentially and I realised the rewards of placing yourself in the unfamiliar. All because of one incredible, wrought iron tower.

Thank you again Angely from Access Travel for making our first Paris trip together such a beautiful and memorable one. Your team is amazing. x

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Dress, Zara Coat (similar here), Paul Andrew Heels

Beauty: Sephora Eyeliner, Sephora Nail Polish Stickers

Photos by Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones