Eric Delos Santos


Hello from confusingly hot but equally rainy Manila! It was such an easy process to adjust to Philippine weather upon my arrival from Australia, where we can often experience all forms of Mother Nature before the lunch bell rings. What I have struggled with however is the fact that the distant trend referred to as 'layering' is a total alien concept here. Being this close to the equator means you either limit yourself to shorts (maybe jeans‚Ķmaybe. If you're going directly from house to car to cinema where the air-conditioning is at arctic levels) and a (loose) top or subject yourself to the dreaded beads of sweat that form tiny mountain ranges on your forehead. When, pray tell, do we wear the coats we bought on sale last season? On vacation? In Baguio.

But this country has some impressive surprises, like the cooling, refreshing lakes of Batangas. This is where Bea and I continued our collaboration and it seems a black Eric Delos Santos dress and a lone boat will do wonders for your soul (and body temperature) on the

dress and a lone boat will do wonders for your soul (and body temperature) on theincreasingly hot summer days. What you don't see here and what is just as refreshing is the act of rowing your own boat, something I had only done during my competitive days in high school. (But it was a kayak and not nearly as relaxing when the person behind you whacks you square in the neck with their oar.) I can imagine spending many idle hours here envisioning myself in Eva Green's film Cracks. Those moments I closed my eyes in the photos were real - it's easy to get lost in the beauty of this place. It's almost impossible not to feel calm. And I'll take it. Single layer and all.

Eric Delos Santos Dress

Photography: Shaira Luna / Art Direction: Kim Jones / Styling: Bea Constantino & Kim Jones