E s c o b e r

hYx2CezSf2AeIMG_0945 col copyCckpVe5FYAEeOMfipe When you publicly commit to sharing local travel on your website, you find yourself very strapped for time. And that's a good thing. The pressure I've put on myself to showcase more of the Philippines has inspired me incredibly - pushing me to venture out and try things for the first time. It has encouraged me to research our beautiful home and dig deeper.

My friend had been inviting me to her ranch for months and when my stylist friend Bea Constantino and I decided we would officially collaborate on a passion project together, I figured this was the time to go. Bea and I share a love of fashion but also for simply creating. Yes, as a blogger I spend a lot of time working with brands and clients to create mini-campaigns and features, but this is different. We wanted to get together and do this for no other reason than sharing it all with you.

I had been playing with concepts for awhile now, wanting to go beyond the '#ootd' and create something truly special - this country deserves to be shared in a beautiful way. Deciding that we wanted to be more experimental and go a little darker with our overall theme, I looked no further than Shaira Luna. You'll have noticed this beautifully quirky photographer is the talent behind the ForMe campaigns and I have been itching to shoot with her since I first met her at a magazine shoot years back. Enter the first post of Miss Jones' next series. It is a series shot entirely on this beautiful ranch and entirely created by Bea, Shaira and myself. Many of you will notice it has strayed slightly from the colour heavy Miss Jones aesthetics, but I hope it will inspire you to look at the Philippines differently - there are so many beautiful things right here in our own backyard. And goats. There are many goats.

Joel Escober Gown, H&M Rings

Photography: Shaira Luna / Creative Direction: Kim Jones / Styling: Bea Constantino

Shot on location at Royal Maverick Ranch, Batangas

Special thanks to Mica for being our token Buggy Driver/Instagram-Snapper/Feeder/Rower for the day.