I've never really been one for music festivals (no judgement - I spend my spare time playing with a Rubik's cube soo....). It was my cup of tea during my late teens but a decade has passed and the allure of spending three days in the desert pressed up against thousands of music lovers seems to have passed me and latched itself onto another unsuspecting teenager. A road trip however, punctuated by one of the world's biggest musical festivals covering four American states was an idea I could get behind. Covering Utah, Nevada, Arizona my friends and I set out to explore Zion National Park, Joshua Tree National Park and Grand Canyon en route to our last stop Indio, California, home of the famous Coachella Festival (more on that later).

With me on the trip was some of the greatest company one could ask for and two suitcases filled with some of Net-A-Porter's finest pieces from Miu Miu, Victoria, Victoria Beckham, Gucci and Ellery, so here I bring you our road trip story. Not pictured? The coffee covered back seat of our minivan, the empty chip bags and the copious amounts of berries we'd packed on our trip. That and our cheesy, happy grins and us laughing at each other's bad jokes and endlessly gaping at the incredible landscapes that greeted us at the end of each road.

All pieces available from Net-A-Porter

Photography: Paolo Pineda / Editing: Kim Jones

Special thanks to the amazing Jonas and Nicole of Net-A-Porter