1W0B8799e copy 1W0B8804e copy 1W0B8811e copy 1W0B8814e copy 1W0B8818e copy 1W0B8820e copy 1W0B8822e copy 1W0B8825e copy 1W0B8826e copy 1W0B8870e copy 1W0B8880e copy 1W0B8896e copy 1W0B8916e copy 1W0B8920e copy 1W0B8941e copy 1W0B8942e copy 1W0B8951e copy I have so much content to share with you all from Europe I didn't realise how backlogged I was. At the risk of looking like I only brought one red dress and one Goorin Bros hat on my entire France trip, here are some photos from my favourite town we visited on the Cote D'Azur. Eze is a tiny town perched on a hill ready to transport you to the medieval era. The climb to the top is every bit as enjoyable as the view at the peak. The air becomes chilly and when you peer over the edge toward the ocean and the hills you realise you are quite literally standing among the clouds. Those of you have read my Miss Jones from the very beginning will remember this and this and my completely unrealistic yet resolute perception of these giant balls of gas. This town will transport you, inspire you and probably cause you to get a little bit lost, what with all the tiny, winding cobblestone streets, but you will enjoy every. single. minute.

Photos: Kim Jones

Photos of Kim: Jericho Rosales