Inspiration comes via many forms when you step foot in a foreign place for the first time. Your mind is enlightened through new sensibilities and your every day mindset is replaced and this new way of thinking becomes your norm. Your mind is constantly challenged, constantly evolving - adjusting to all of the new stimuli. In San Francisco Paolo Pineda and I felt exactly this way - every morning, every corner, every conversation would spark a new awareness in our brain's left hemisphere. The thing about travelling is you find your days are compacted with just so much to do as you're continually pursuing the next high.

It was rainy, muddy, cold and very wet - conditions that would likely inspire you to stay wrapped up in thermals instead of trekking ankle deep in a forest. The latter, however, is what Paolo and I decided to do - it was the power of the rich, velvet Gucci dress, you could say. It had accompanied me to two overseas trip prior, only to return to Manila un-photographed and unworn. It seems it's shining moment was simply waiting for these 20 minutes that Pao and I shot together in San Francisco, completely melting into the viridescent flora and coming alive against the rich woodland backdrop.

Photography: Paolo Pineda  Styling: Kim Jones