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I, unlike most other women I know (and some men), am a serial under-packer. It wasn't always the case. Over the years I have learnt to love the art of repetitive wearing in exchange for the exciting anticipation of hunting down international pieces of which you can reply to the question of it's origin, "Oh, I got this in [insert exotic international location here]".

This theory proves it's brilliance when I am dancing through immigration with my incredibly light suitcase while my companions are tearing muscles heaving their luggage onto conveyor belts in what seem like complete acts of folly. That is, until on day one of my trip my trusty weather app turns yellow suns to jagged thunderbolts and I realise my lack of luggage means I am left bootless and pantless and seriously considering a socks in flip-flops combination.

Enter these trousers by Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato. While strolling around Ginza, rain imminent, his colourful, quirky store grabbed my attention, and there i found them. The last pair in my size. Perfectly pleated and charmingly checkered with neat tailoring to boot. So incredibly suitable for an afternoon stroll to Laduree. My brilliant theory stands to live another vacation...

Topshop Sweater, Tsumori Chisato Trousers, Charles & Keith Shoes, Celine bag, MAC Diva Lipstick

Photos by Jericho Rosales

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