There comes a point in your lives when your mind is so immersed in the daily grind you forget to see the sun. As poetic as that may sound, I mean you literally forget to feed your skin its daily dose of Vitamin D. While we live in a society that endeavours to be porcelain white (Why? Morena skin is so gorgeous!), I will forever be chasing the sun for that bronze glow. My schedule has not permitted a trip to the beach in awhile, and people have started to notice my rather pale appearance. So, together with my Coast Thru Life friends, I am heading to Bali at the end of the month to surf international waters. I am definitely going to bring you guys along with me and as I attempt to plan my outfits and pack light; here is an editorial from Elle Czech that is getting me excited to shoot by the beach for Miss Jones! There’s even a surfboard! From here

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