IMG_1612 cole copy IMG_1682 cole copy IMG_1646 cole copy IMG_1630 cole copy IMG_1692 cole copy IMG_1654 cole copy The inevitable influx of beach blues and sandy strolls that are scheduled to be published here on Miss Jones in the near future have got me thinking about travel. Again. It's that kind of wishing that creeps it's way into your mind when your bags are packed, but this time your suitcase, and you, are heading home. After spending an incredible and wonderfully hectic eleven days on the shores of Maui sitting behind your desk doesn't really cut it and I'm left visualising my next destination, my next exploit. Until then, let's saunter on over to a story I did with talented photographer Shaira Luna, surrounded by the friendliest of herds and the cuddliest of billy goats whom we decided to name Harry. He was all too willing to come chill on my jacket for a few snaps and was quite content in enjoying the Batangas sunset with me - his friends curiously looking on.

H&M Jacket / H&M Earrings (worn as brooch)

Photography: Shaira Luna