i wouldn't describe myself as homesick yet. at all.

not even after the 3 months ive resided here.

however, despite saying that, these photographs by brooke coffey inculcate a sentiment that reminds me of home and reminds me of australia. its not like we spend aaaalll of our times resting upon wheelie bins (trash cans, rubbish bins, in non-aussie vernacular) and swinging from clothes lines.

perhaps it is because of that astounding summer morning pre-summadayze music festival where climbing on sheds and swinging off roofs was all part of the fun.

just between you and me, the tiniest part of me wishes that on a sunday mid-morning, i could stumble downstairs, pour my coffee, fetch a copy of australian vogue and sit outside in my courtyard reveling in the sun's warm, blanketing goodness.