A R R I V I N G I N : H O N G K O N G

1W0B5585e copyMiss Jones in Hong Kong1W0B4965e copy copyMiss Jones in Hong KongMiss Jones in Hong Kong1W0B5097e copyMiss Jones in Hong Kong 1W0B5327e copyMiss Jones in Hong Kong1W0B5401e copyMiss Jones in Hong Kong 1W0B5504e copyMiss Jones in Hong Kong1W0B5599e copyMiss Jones in Hong Kong1W0B4867e copyMiss Jones in Hong Kong1W0B5784e copyMiss Jones in Hong Kong1W0B5561e copyMiss Jones in Hong Kong 1W0B5694e copy If you'll give them to the city, Hong Kong will take your four days and take you on a whirlwind adventure - stopping at nothing to give you the best in food (oh, the food), shopping (trust me - you'll want to shop) and those city views that take your breath away. For me, cities are best experienced and shared through the details - the piles of felt on the side of the road perfectly forming a rainbow, the empty streets you stumble across on a quiet Sunday or the immaculate roses at the markets and their individually wrapped buds. That's what makes Hong Kong so beautiful.

1. Flower Markets - A market so good the road it is situated on is named after it. Definitely worth a stroll on the way to lunch - there are some beautiful flowers that will both surprise and amuse you.

2. Ozone - Currently the highest bar in the world, Ozone offers magical views from it's 118th floor - if that doesn't impress you their variety of cocktails and mocktails will.

3. Sham Shui Po - A beautiful gem of a district, this area offers streets upon streets of DIY delight. Bring your camera and get lost wandering the fabric markets. I picked up some pendants that I intend to create my own necklaces with and if more stalls weren't closed I would have loved to bring home some more textiles. Definitely one of my favourite spots in Hong Kong.

4. Mandarin Oriental - Firstly, the service is impeccable and the hotel boasts a pretty incredible restaurant, Man Wah on the 25th floor. It is a beautiful hotel in a prime location and somewhere worth visiting if you want a total pampering experience.

5. Sheung Wan (The wall art is on Graham St) - A great neighbourhood to explore if you want to inject a little bit of quirk into your trip. The wall art is more than photo-worthy and you'll find some fun vintage stores and cafes in the area.

6. PMQ - A fairly new establishment the former Police Married Headquarters have been transformed into a local design hub for boutique labels offering everything from toy cars to high end designer pieces.

7. Mrs Pound - Accompanied by a beautiful story of a man trying to protect his beloved Mrs Pound, ex-burlesque dancer, the restaurant is hidden by its seemingly stamp store facade. A click of a hidden button and the facade opens to reveal a neon light-filled restaurant serving some pretty amazing contemporary dishes that will knock your socks off.

8. Dalloyau - Served with a view from Harbour city this is the kind of place you'll want to set your shopping bags down and enjoy some afternoon tea. The desserts are delectable and you won't feel bad on account of the tens of thousands of steps you just walked shopping Hong Kong's giant Harbour City Mall.

9. Atum Desserant - Combining art and sugar the owners combine nitrogen, fruit jellies, dried yoghurt and a vast array of colourful ingredients these guys "perform" your dessert right in front of your eyes. It's almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Photography: Kim Jones

Special thanks to Mich, Vivian and the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Harbour City and Edwina and the Mandarin Oriental team.