I have long admired Frank Gehry. My novice, wide-eyed architect-wannabe self was immediately drawn to his billowing architecture sitting in my 'form follows function' discussion (and his rejection of that concept) in college a decade ago. There was something about the seemingly random twists, leans and curves of his buildings that even I, the design neophyte, could appreciate. Gehry is known for his deconstructivist works around the globe including the famous Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain, the new Silicon Valley Facebook headquarters and, as seen here, the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris.

With the Louis Vuitton fashion week shows always staged just outside the Foundation, I've had the opportunity to visit several times, meandering through the museum and enjoying the contemporary art it houses. Where this particular editorial was shot is one of my favourite areas of the Foundation. Lined with precisely angled mirrors there is a point you can stand on in the walkway and view yourself in every single mirror - giving you a somewhat eery but pleasant farewell as you exit the building.

Despite the wind, rain and unbelievably cold weather we managed to shoot this story, playing with the reflections and mirroring the famous 'LV' twist, hopefully successfully communicating the distinct beauty of this building next to pieces of the equally captivating Cruise 16 collection.

Photography: Rachel Rebibo (Cover Photo: Kim Jones) / Layout: Kim Jones