Jardin de Tuileries

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The Philippines in Paris. Two of my favourite places on earth combined to tell a story. Manila is teeming with talent and young designers have filled the city creating garments that are changing our local industry. When I learned that I was going to Paris, I was inspired to collaborate with photographers in Paris and shoot pieces from these designers. I wanted to meld the two worlds together, so much so that my baggage allowance has now exceeded 60kg (I'm sitting in Bangkok wondering how in the world I am going to transport it all home). The first feature was, of course, Vania Romoff. The second is Joel Andrade, a vivacious young designer focused on designing garments of quality; inspired by couture. When he brought this skirt to a shoot the voluminous, midnight black design with a bow in the most perfect shade of pink immediately transported me to the gardens of Paris. So, with the help of the incredible, lovely and talented Christine Kim that is exactly where we decided to shoot it...

Outfit by Joel Andrade, Dior Heels

Photos: Christine Kim