John Herrera

IMG_1385 col bw copyIMG_1319 col bw copyIMG_1365 col bw copy IMG_1379 col bw copyIMG_1331 col bw copyIMG_1403 col bw copyIMG_1344 col bw copyIMG_1307 col bw copyIMG_1396 col bw copy IMG_1400 col bw copyIMG_1407 col bw copy IMG_1426 col bw copy Seeing this dress in the hands of stylist Bea Constantino immediately transported me back to the 90s, reins in hand a la Ralph Lauren campaign, despite my being an equine neophyte. Sophistication in the front, party in the back - the most complementary bare back punctuated by a simple twist detail and centre split. It's minimal elegance at it's best. Of course, being the Australian that I am, I preferred pairing it with bare feet, something I tend to do often and something that almost always leads to people chasing me with flip flops or shoes horrified at the thought of me strolling around so naked below the ankles. But this dress suited it - it almost called for it and the whole shoot felt beautifully raw and organic. One of the best things about working with Shaira is her eye for revealing subtle, hidden beauty. She always finds it, whether it be in the mirroring pattern of a backless dress and a horse's forehead marking or in a burst of sunlight peeking through the trees, a gust of wind or, my personal favourite, in the bareness of feet.

John Herrera Dress, H&M Rings

Photography: Shaira Luna / Creative Direction: Kim Jones / Styling: Bea Constantino

Shot on location at Royal Maverick Ranch, Batangas