It’s 1:45am and while my dog Atticus is quite happily passed out next to me snoozing away, I’m taking advantage of the quiet time and editing some photos. My beautiful friend finally gave birth to a precious, sweet smelling baby girl (who I am beyond excited to be godmother to) and I think her arrival into the world has in some way, perhaps, indirectly lead me to purchase my first onesie. I have no idea why – between the ages of four and twenty four – we insist on limiting these genius inventions to sleepwear – subsequently halving our wardrobe space when they are just so darn efficient. I mean, your shirt and pants are attached.

Sure, there’s the minor/major hassle of toilet breaks but this jumpsuit is ridiculously comfortable and proved to be delightfully reliable as I transitioned from a long day of shooting for ETC HQ to a night celebratingMeg Magazine’s 15th Anniversary. Quite frankly, it impressed me so much I’ve decided to dedicate my entire blog post to it. Time to make like Atticus and hit the pillow! Zara Jumpsuit, Zara Blazer, Wayne Cooper Heels

Photos by Charlie Gomez