Kuala Lumpur

1. Pavilion Mall preparing for a Happy Chinese New Year 2. Delicate handcrafted ornaments in Central Market 3. Midday mid-shopping Malaysian Cuddles 4. Louis Vuitton store 5. Visiting some of the tastiest restaurants ever 6. The grand Petronas Towers 7. Chinatown eats 8. The iconic Central Market 9. Admiring the flooring of Central Market 10. Strolling through Chinatown 11. Celebratory blooms for Chinese New Year 12. Roaming around Daiso 13. Stopping to admire this sweet little set up in KLCC Finally, I was presented with an opportunity to visit Kuala Lumpur! After Echo and I had visited beautiful Sarawak last year, I had an urge to explore more of Malaysia. I had decided to book tickets and surprise Echo at his taping. To my utter wonderment, I was greeted at the airport by some lovely sweethearts. (Thank you again for keeping me company, you know who you are) I was completely content with meandering through the city and sharing with you my experiences right here, but two days was not enough. It was barely enough time to get through the malls! Pavilion was my favourite - it was my first time ever in a Celine store. The sweet sales ladies got to know me pretty well after my fifth visit in two days and found it especially amusing when I started excitedly stroking all the luxurious fabrics and leathers.I did make sure, however, that I made time to visit the Central Market and Chinatown to get a glimpse of what people informed me was "the real Malaysia."

I was delighted to find handmade fabrics, local delicacies, pashminas and traditional clothing. These are just a few snaps of the hundreds I took. 2014 is going to be a year of travel for Miss Jones and I can't wait to bring you all along with me. Please let me know suggestions of where you think I should go! I'll have my camera charged and ready to come with me!

Photos by me

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