La Union

When I need a burst of inspiration, the beach always delivers. All of you know how sunsets and flowers send me on a giddy hypnotic trip and my love for La Union and it’s breathtaking sights just grows more and more each time I visit. It had been five months since my last rendezvous in the warm waters of San Juan and despite the lazy one footers my friends and I were greeted with, the trip left a lasting impression. One evening, after debating whether or not it was worth it, my friend Nikki and I paddled in from our afternoon surf just to snap a photo of what has to be one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. It was sooooo worth it.

After our 30 second phototaking craze we paddled straight back into the magenta waters. It lit up the ocean and all its floating dwellers creating a stunning backdrop as we rode our last waves of the day. Now that I’m back in Manila, i’m recharged, inspired and posting a little shoot Echo and I did in San Juan Surf Resort while we were by the beach. Have a happy week everyone!!

Zara Romper & Heels, Sportsgirl Belt, Forever 21 & Asos Accessories Photos by Jericho Rosales