1W0B9945e copy1W0B9981e1W0B9949e1W0B9975e1W0B9989e copy1W0B9953e I just love love. When Echo and I spotted these hearts on the side of the road (I love seeing these bursts of colour on Manila's sidewalks every year) on Valentine's Day, we knew our whole day had just changed. What was supposed to be a quiet lunch for two in Fort Bonifacio turned into an on-the-go burger inside the car - too excited to spread the love to stay still long enough to eat a decent meal (the fact he brought the camera along was an utter and pleasant coincidence). We started with three balloons but ended up with dozens, stuffing them into our car and handing them out to people on High Street - children, guards, couples and lolas from all over. I'm so blessed that Echo just gets these spontaneous bouts of crazy from me and even better, he supports and encourages them. He was so game to surrender all of our plans and join in the balloon bonanza. I hope you are all feeling ridiculously loved today. It is often a day spent with gifts and romance but it's also a unique time to sow little seeds of love in unexpected places. So write a love note, buy a flower, a card or a balloon for those that help you at home, your local vendors or your mum and dad and let's all spread the love...

Happy love day to all of you! Love, Miss Jones x

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Photos: Jericho Rosales