Loyalty Is...


Loyalty Is 24 Jan

The passion is in the pursuit. It has been one of the few pieces of advice I’ve received during my two-something decades that has  infinitely lingered in my mind. Upon hearing it stirred up an irrevocable “aha” moment that has followed me to this very day. I was sitting in a cafe meeting with a lovely lady from the film industry considering if it was an area I wanted to pursue. Ever since that encounter those words have become a mantra, if you will, when it comes to the many decisions I make on a daily basis. Every decision I make is based on purpose and how to achieve fulfilling my own. Those six words have the ability to put everything in perspective for me. What is it you spend your spare hours doing? What do you love reading about? What are the things you dream about? The answer to those may likely be your true passion - and what you should stay loyal to and pursue fervently.

When Shangri-La approached me to create a story based on loyalty I couldn’t imagine a more fitting location than the clear watered, white sanded Boracay. You all know my deep desire to showcase the beauty of the Philippines to a global audience and I knew immediately that this particular story would start it’s chapter at Shangri-La - where Echo and I began our own journey as husband and wife. This story was to allow me to showcase a place that will forever be remembered as a part of one of the best days of my life. To celebrate the Shangri-La’s Golden Circle Fifth Anniversary I present to you my #LoyaltyIs story and of course, I want to hear yours too! Share your #LoyaltyIs public post with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Weibo tagging Shangri-La Hotel & Resorts’ official account and #LoyaltyIs. I’ll be choosing someone to get their hands on 20000 Golden Circle Award Points (which means USD2000 in Shangri-La experiences) to create or recreate memories. Check out the video below and read more here at LoyaltyIs.com!

Photography: Paolo Pineda   Art Direction, Styling, Layout & Editing: Kim Jones

Shot on location at Shangri-La Boracay Resort & Spa, Philippines