1W0B8822e copy1W0B8573e copy1W0B8412e copy1W0B8599e copy1W0B8886e copy1W0B8336e copy To kick off the new year, I wanted to share another side of Miss Jones; the one that believes a trip to the beach solves all problems. The one that wears zero make up (and let's be honest, showers considerably less) and spends the evenings nursing sunburn and trying to disguise her abhorrent maillot tan lines but also believes maillots are the best thing since sliced bread. The one that could quite easily fall asleep on a surfboard out in the ocean and sings to herself when she's either incapable of or too tired to catch waves but is utterly content to be in the water with loved ones witnessing the most fiery of sunsets. This area of La Union is one of my favourite places to paddle out, the only place that can get me even to consider leaving my bed before 9am. Echo and I thought it fit to do something a little bit different this year, 2014 was all about international travel. 2015 is all about branching out with our shots, keeping it local and hopefully showing you more of this beautiful country we call home - one beautiful beach sunset at a time.

Cotton On x Lara Bingle Maillot (Similar here)

Photos: Jericho Rosales

Location: La Union