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The past month left me needing a few days back home a la Carrie Bradshaw, "cheating on clothes with furniture". While I've been taking measurements, testing colour palettes and pressing my feet against the wall in order to move the sideboard in precisely its intended position with my back, it's given me a bit of time to reflect on just how crazy ten countries in just over three weeks was. After working as a creative consultant on my first global campaign that spanned seven Asian countries in it's production I flew to Milan and then Paris for the second leg of fashion month. To kick things off (i.e distract you while I madly scramble to compile my fashion week photos and publish them in a mildly acceptable format) here's the first Paris story I shot with Hana.

One step into Aussie designer Toni Maticevski's Parisian showroom and any one of you will automatically be transported to your wedding/prom/graduation/successfully moving the furniture celebration. Any reason to celebrate and get. your. hands. on. some Maticevksi. The pieces are luxurious, delicately hanging on the racks as if they knew they were there to be admired providing a truly sensory experience as you move through the pieces, draping upon draping, soft chiffons and sculptured neoprene lulling you into a daze only Maticevksi can induce . The man is a technical genius, his wonderful PR Director, Prasana, mentioning he sampled and stitched everything himself. Now to truly appreciate this one must refer to the Affection gown which is, essentially, three mesmerising pieces in one. And with that, I couldn't resist the opportunity to welcome their invitation to shoot part of his collection around Paris. The perfect backdrop to his breathtaking Spring Summer 2016 collection.

Maticevski Suggestive Longline Skirt & Conquered Top

Photography: Hana Predajnianska

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