Kezjr1W0B3778e copyUntitled-1e1W0B3955e copy 1W0B4344e copy1W0B3834e copyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUntitled-1eeH1rfy1W0B3847e copy1W0B3950e copy6zdjU 4zAV5HtdgT1W0B3936ee copyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1W0B3785ee copyUntitled-1eee1W0B4374e copyNZaDL6SPxh9IFtO8tuPK1W0B3972e copy 1J7wg Recovering post-Maui is much easier said than done. I've been back in Manila for two days and already met work commitments head on which, don't get me wrong, I absolutely revel in (I love to be busy). However, it's difficult to get the palm trees, salt water and mountain views out of your system. The sunburn sting has worn off, the textured beach hair smoothened out and the ocean scents have drifted away. The island memories, however, will take a lot longer.

Pip and I spent an incredible week with Four Seasons Maui, embarking on many adventures underneath the surface of the ocean and just as many way, way above it. When we weren't happily chomping away at the buffet breakfasts (or giggling at the fact Eddie Murphy totally looked in our direction) we were exploring the coastal roads, the mountain valleys and the reefs. We set our alarms at 4:30am each morning, when Maui's waters are the most calm, always wanting to beat the rest of the island lovers to the shores and always eager to check the clarity of the water in the hopes of scoring some Hawaiian underwater shots. And we absolutely loved it.

The thousands of photos I took on our trip still won't do our time away justice, but I hope you'll get an idea of how amazing our stay was and just how special the experience, the staff and the hospitality of Four Seasons Maui is.

*A special thank you Angely from Access Travel and to Crissa and the Four Seasons team for your hospitality and generosity - you made the stay an incredible experience.

Reformation Dress, Marysia Maillot

Travel Photography: Kim Jones / Underwater Photography: Pip Harwood of Seagypsea