1W0B80311W0B80741W0B8037 1W0B8049 1W0B8051 1W0B8053 1W0B8063e When I'm exploring for the day you will not find me in heels. Shock, horror, I know. Instead, you'll find me in the flattest of flats, loose trousers and some sort of upper garment that provides ample ventilation. Even if it looks like I'm just wearing a bandana tied around my torso. I was obsessed with finding cobblestone streets for at least one of my shoots in New York. There are just some things I obsess over finding for Miss Jones that may not resonate with a lot of other people. (Yes, I get excited over big stones laid in an organised pattern.) When I typed the words "cobblestone streets new york" in Google the search results went along the lines of "needle in a haystack" or "good luck finding them" and it only further fuelled my desire. (We did find a few Downtown, but I really wanted an excuse to visit another, less busy area.) Thankfully I have a husband who understands, and worse, encourages these little fixations and we ended up spending the afternoon dissecting the Meatpacking District one little, romantic, stony street at a time.

It's refreshing when you wake up in the morning on a vacation with your entire selection of clothes laid before you. These pants literally got delivered the day I left for New York and when my jeans looked tired and I couldn't justify wearing them another day unwashed, these green crepe babies saved my legs. A trip to American Apparel in Brooklyn the day before and my first time inside a J.Crew store (All very American, I know) lead to the rest of the contents in my suitcase being left to serve another day or...another completely crazy hunt for Miss Jones.

ASOS Trousers, J.Crew Sandals (similar here), American Apparel Top (similar here or here), Celine Bag, Daniel Wellington Watch

Beauty: MAC Liquid Eyeliner, American Apparel Nail Polish

Photos by Jericho Rosales