1W0B9222e copy1W0B9055e copy 1W0B9103e copy1W0B9160e copy1W0B9232e copy1W0B9165e copy 1W0B9168e copy 1W0B9202e copy1W0B8962e copy 1W0B8982e copy 1W0B8990e copy 1W0B8995e copy1W0B9141e copy1W0B9057e copy1W0B9081e copy 1W0B9085e copy1W0B9206e copy1W0B9087e copy 1W0B9097e copy 1W0B9143e copy 1W0B9179e copy 1W0B9263e copy 1W0B9265e copy 1W0B9299e copy 1W0B9329e copy 1W0B9344e copy 1W0B9354e copy Fresh from New York, Echo and I landed in Marseilles to begin our first road trip through the Cote D'azur. It has been a dream of mine for years. Well, France, period, has been on my bucket list since I could spell 'Eiffel Tower'. To be completely honest, what woman doesn't dream of visiting France? (See my Versailles post here.) After doing hours of research and consulting the amazing team of Access Travel; Marseilles, Corsica, Nice, Eze, Menton were our destinations of choice. We did drive through Monaco to get to Menton, but our favourite places were the little towns along the coast that boasted less tourists but the same charm.

We spent half a day in Menton after our road trip through blink-and-you'll-miss-it Eze. (My favourite town we visited along the Riviera.) Menton is a gorgeous, dynamic little town on the French-Italian border that breathes colour. In some areas you could look to the right and see Ventimiglia, Italy. We were extremely tempted to cross the Italian border, just to say we'd been (and to add Italy to Miss Jones' Travels heading), but our passports were safely locked away in our Nice hotel. Instead, we spent our hours wandering the narrow and steep streets that Menton is famous for. The colours though, (sigh) the colours were intoxicatingly beautiful. As you ascend higher and higher you begin to see glimpses of the Meditteranean Sea between the buildings and believe me, from above, the speckled rainbow of colours on the umbrellas, the towels and of course the water below is equally as breathtaking.

The walk does get a bit tiring, especially when you're lugging around a DSLR trying to capture every…single...corner, so the best way to end the day is to stroll over to the beachfront cafes, order a pizza for takeout (Menton is obviously heavily influenced by Italy), then wander across to the promenade where you'll find a sea break of rocks and resting swimmers. We spent a good five minutes looking for rocks that resembled a table and chair before admitting defeat and settling for a front row rock until it was so dark, we were climbing on all fours trying to navigate back to flat land.

Although our time was limited in this colourful little town we were gobsmacked at the beauty hiding behind every tightly packed, pebbled street corner. This is one of the longer posts I've written, so I'll end it now, in the hopes you haven't fallen asleep at your laptop. I hope you enjoy this post, especially all the dreamers like me who long for their very own first trip to France.

Vintage sundress, Goorin Bros Hat (similar here), J Crew Sandals (similar here or here), Celine bag, Cutler and Gross Sunnies - stolen from Mr. Rosales

Photos by Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones