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Nothing makes you feel like a lady than a soft pink fitted skirt that brushes the knee cap and pleasantly reminds you of one half of the infamous suits Jackie O would be seen sporting circa 1960. Complete with a matching jacket I deemed too warm to wear in the thirty something degree weather this Suiteblanco skirt is the sweet, feminine accent we ladies must acquire for this summer. Think garden tea parties and al fresco lunches sipping on an English Breakfast with the girls.

I happily managed to book my second flight to Kuala Lumpur for the year and was delighted to have more time to get lost and explore a little more of this city that both Echo and I have come to love. Of course, in a twist of fate, that uneasy feeling I felt during this mini shoot was not out of dizzying admiration of Merdeka Square but rather the gradual onslaught of food poisoning, which had me in hospital less than 24 hours later. Of course, a hospital visit and nausea enducing meds could only keep me down for so long and before I knew it I was up and about, this time exploring the insides of Pavilion's Celine emporium. Nothing will cure a sickness quite like the smell of leather on a brand new Celine Trio.

Suiteblanco Skirt, River Island Top, Zara Heels, MAC Diva Lipstick

Photos by Jericho Rosales

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