miss jones x ynigo santos

Collaborating with local photographers has proven the talent that the Philippines is brimming with. The best part of my job is that coming across such talent is extremely easy and equally enjoyable. Ynigo Santos and I first crossed paths at a five minute shoot for a travel campaign a couple of months ago and decided a shoot for Miss Jones was a must. Working with brilliant photographers is the perfect chance to get inspired, harness the creative freedom and make something memorable! Although it's a change from the usual Miss Jones aesthetics I can't wait to show the upcoming series, we were so immersed in our creative juices that I quite happily hopped on a beautiful black horse named Zorro. Stay tuned for my attempt to hug him.
Forever 21 Cardigan, Thrifted Hat, Thrifted Bustier
Photos by Ynigo Santos
Thanks to Janine Uy & Denny Antonino
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