Neoprene Vania RomoffNeoprene Vania RomoffNeoprene Vania RomoffNeoprene Vania RomoffNeoprene Vania Romoff Are we over neoprene's raw edges, figure hugging capabilities and resistance to creases? I think not. The fact that Vania Romoff sliced open the back and added a mermaid cut takes this gown to new heights with its delicious folds and subdued tone - all the while perpetuating the sporty in me long enough to trek through the mysterious and beautiful fog of Haleakala mountain of Maui in it. Granted, it occupied the better half of my suitcase while getting to Hawaii but there's something about the ease of unconventional neoprene that makes it so delightfully wearable.

Marrying functionality and form (and subsequently scoring an A+ in art class) neoprene found it's way from gaskets, power transmission belts and telephone wire onto the bodies of two surfers in the 1950s. Now, we see designers (to name a few) like Zac Posen and Australian Dion Lee moulding this tech fabric into sculptural pieces we can't turn keep our cursor away from. Not bad for good ol' insulation.

Vania Romoff Gown, Amber Sceats Earrings

Photography: Samantha Feyen