On My Desk: July

On My Desk July Miss Jones Kim Jones
On My Desk July Miss Jones Kim Jones

Overcrowded and brimming with moisturisers, books and even shoes, I decided to feature my desk, or the products on it, that are keeping me utterly content this month.

1. Banana Smoothie - Genuinely one of the most common things you will find on my desk it is an absolute necessity during mornings in my office, post-workout. (Freeze your peeled bananas - thank me later.)

2. Summer House with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch- I'm slightly, and only slightly, masochistic when it comes to reading choices. The more uncomfortable and uneasy I'm left the more enthralling it is to me. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn is done and successfully left me thoroughly freaked out so this Koch novel is up next.

3. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in #38 La Fascinante and #46 La Malicieuse - You'll find these colours are highly pigmented and leave the most delectable of satin finishes. And they're Chanel. Enough said.

4. Long Drop with Floating Pearl Earring by Ryan Storer - The Australian designer has become known for his edgy, feminine and glamorous pieces that wrap and warp in a variety of shades and materials, his most notable accessory being his Swarovski encrusted ear cuff that made the blogosphere go a little bit nuts. This rose gold plated set is glamorous enough for the evening but unconventionally chic enough to wear it to a lunch meeting or day out.

5. L'Officiel Manila - Now on it's third issue the cutting edge and provocative magazine is fast taking the local fashion and media industry to new heights. You'll catch the makings of my closet in the July issue and perhaps even learn the daily doings of my favourite canine companion, Atticus. (Thank you L'Officiel Manila.)

6. Petalia Bloom by Aranaz - The handbag line by talented Filipino designer Amina Aranaz has fast become one of my favourite stores to frequent in Manila. Among her selection of intricate wood carved minaudières and weaved straw handbags this beaded beauty stood out for me. I picked up two, one white and one navy before having to revisit the store the next day to pick up yet another for a particular sister of mine in Australia. Snap these up quick - they're going to go fast.

7. Starla Halfmann Plate from Cura V - The presence of animal printed decor in my office is growing at an alarming rate and it's not at all creepy to see one of Starla's oil painted friends staring back at you after you've eaten a serving of cake.

8. Asus Fonepad & Zenfone 2 -  The Asus Zenfone 2 in particular has found itself a constant desk staple of mine. As reliable as an assistant would ever be it reminds you when to clean up your phone, how you can save battery life by 27 min (that information is worth more than gold) and even when the ultraviolet rays are too harsh for you to go out for your daily jog.  The selfie panorama feature (yes you read that correctly) should also make a few of you very happy!

9. Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne - You're all aware by now that Jo Malone has set it's roots in our beloved Manila and one of the fragrances that has grown on me is the Nectarine Blossom & Honey cologne. (I simultaneously am and am not blaming Poppy Delevingne for that one). The scent reminds of sunlight spilling through tall, wet grass onto a pebble path as I stroll in my wellingtons to my local Sunday gourmet market. (Pretty much this exact situation.) I don't know why. It just does.

10. La Mer Blue Heart Moisturising Creme - I count hydrating and protecting my skin of the utmost importance and have been known to slather creme on my face at odd hours of the day. La Mer is a brand I have recently fallen in love with and my skin seems to be thanking me.

11. Weights - You'll find gym equipment strewn throughout our house. Little reminders to keep healthy and strong and when they're fluoro pink you know workout time is about to get whole lot of crazy.

12. Stockton Row Ring from Cura V- Keeping things local you'll find the George from Stockton Row's Royal Revolution collection keeps thing smart and lends a tad of masculinity with it's signet shape and brilliant blue semi-precious stone. You'll be wanting to wear this quick-smart.

Photography and Edits: Kim Jones