O N M Y D E S K : M A Y

1W0B2309eee copy1W0B2251ee copy1W0B2329ee copy1W0B2187ee copy I've decided it's time to go a bit behind-the-scenes with Miss Jones and share with you a few things I'm a bit obsessed over these days. My home office desk is a hub for everything I'm loving right now. If someone mounted a stop motion camera birds-eye view over my desk you would see just how many of my latest obsessions rotate on a daily basis. From smoothies to accessories and beauty products to shoes, more often than not my table is littered with things I've stumbled upon and can't bear to let out of sight. I decided I would sift through it all and start sharing a few of my favourite things.

1. Asus Zenfone 2 and Asus Fonepad - My latest toys. As a lover of all things tech-y and gadget focused, I always carry two phones with me, one for work use and one for personal. My only real criteria for phones is a quick, easy to use camera in low light conditions and a pretty interface. (Who doesn't love an attractive face?) Asus ticks both those boxes and one of the reasons I love these phones, apart from the price*, is the design - they're minimal and sleek with nothing overcomplicated or fussy. Interestingly, it also has a great cleaning system for all of you who, like me, download, upload, capture and store almost everything under the sun - also a plus. (*It's an incredibly affordable smartphone too, promise - check the reviews too.)

2. Chloe - Don't tell her, but I only bought her after hearing the unfortunate demise of the Miss Dior fragrance (they reformulated it and it's just not the same), my previous favourite. I needed a replacement and I found Chloe. It's everything I want my fragrances to be- light, feminine and the kind of scent that complements and doesn't overpower.

3. Glossier - After attending a lovely little mixer held by Glossier and Into The Gloss founder Emily Weiss in NYC I was able to not only pick the brains of the talented entrepreneur, but also sample a few of their products. The lip balm is luxurious and thick and the priming moisturiser works really well over sunscreen if you're after that supple, dewy look. (Sorry folks, they only ship to the U.S)

4. Louis Vuitton x Frank Gehry - Having studied interior architecture in college I was introduced to Frank Gehry's work all those years ago. As a full time student working three jobs I never thought I would actually own anything by Frank Gehry (structure or otherwise) but after a visit to the LV store this piece sitting pretty on the counter was too weird and wonderful to not take home. So now, it sits pretty on my desk and I resist the urge to continually stuff it with bright pink roses.

5. Dita - The only thing I bought on my recent trip to NYC, and just between you and me, the pouring rain was the reason I entered the store, but I truly fell in love with not one, not two but five pairs. I narrowed it down to these cat-eye babies and revelled in their mid century golden goodness.

6. Maria Francesca Pepe L-O-V-E Mid Finger Rings - I'm always on the hunt for minimal accessories. The ones that you don't really notice but when you look a little bit closer they make all the difference. These four mid finger rings actually spell out LOVE and can be worn a number of different ways.

7. Kikki-K Notebook - The love affair started in Australia. The smell of leather and bright colours too intoxicating to turn away from. I'm a mad, MAD, stationery fan and honestly have to peel myself away from the computer to prevent me from ordering everything on the Kikki-K site. (I have it sent via Johnny Air in case you're wondering) The cherry, plum leather notebook is a nice addition to my oversized, filled-to-the-brim, spewing-with-colour Kikki-K planner.