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Palais Galliera & Other Stories Kim Jones Paris Let's talk coats. It's a word we use sporadically given our median centigrade but one that we love to associate with the ideals of glacial climates in the most far away cities (or Baguio of course - our favourite parky getaway location). So let me tell you, almost any coat on almost any & Other Stories rack will inevitably yield a tiny gasp from yours truly. A gasp produced by a sudden mental collage of all the outfits I have thought of draping the said coat over in the two seconds it took to spot it in the first place. Oh the possibilities. Bring into the equation a chilly October afternoon at Palais Galliera during Fashion Week in Paris and suddenly all those ideals come thundering into reality. Hana couldn't have paid me to glide up and down those stairs time and time again, my coat panels splayed out behind me. These are the kinds of pieces that make you feel effortlessly glamourous despite the three thermals you've stuffed under your sweater and the Nike pedal pushers you've had to resort to wearing because the thought of wearing your actual thermal leggings for the fourth day straight makes you nauseous. Yep, that's the power of the draped coat. Now, go forth and bear your outer layers.

Photography Hana Predajnianska Layout/Editing Kim Jones

& Other Stories Coat & Skirt, Zara Sweater, Charlotte Olympia 'Modern Monroe' Pumps (on sale here), Joanique Minaudiere