1W0B1623e1W0B1022 2e1W0B1011 2e1W0B1049 2e1W0B1087 2e1W0B1205 2e1W0B1164 2e1W0B1156 2e1W0B1171 2e1W0B1632e1W0B1604e1W0B1801e1W0B1459 2e1W0B0919 2e1W0B0825 2e1W0B0847 2e1W0B0960 2e1W0B0985 2ez0TFg1W0B1495e1W0B1489 2e1W0B1941e 1W0B1950e 1W0B1987e e1W0B0911 2e It's already been one year. An entire year has flown by in an instant since Echo and I said our I dos. To celebrate, we wanted to slow down and just be a bit quiet -  I'm not sure how else to put it. We just wanted to be together and have the option of sitting on the sand and staring at the sky and all that jazz, et cetera, et cetera. We had 3 glorious, empty days planned and ultimately made the decision to discover Pamalican Island.

It's a beautiful, isolated and tiny island near Manamoc Island in Palawan that we have dreamed of visiting together for years. The problem is, however, Echo and I don't do too well with the whole sitting down, staying still and relaxing business. We probably lasted two hours after our arrival, sitting on our bed - our suitcases perfectly unpacked before deciding we needed to actually do something. So the next three days were spent in our buggy, exploring every inch and every corner of Amanpulo and stumbling on some pretty incredible surprises. (See above photos.) Many of you expressed your shock at how beautifully fine the sand was and how the sky lit up the entire beachfront in the softest shades of blue and pink. Funnily enough, some even thought I had digitally manipulated the moon into my shots. That made me giggle. No friends, that's just the Palawan splendour it's known for.

You all know how I feel about supporting and encouraging local tourism and this place (and the people) made me fall in love with the Philippines even more. You couldn't leave your villa without a friendly staff member wishing you a good day and ferociously waving you a good morning. It's impossible not to be ecstatic on this island (hence the photos where you see me quite literally wearing a smile and jumping up and down on the shoreline with a balloon. What I loved most is that the other people on the island didn't bat an eyelid at me doing so, because they too, were happy. It's just a very happy island).

It's the kind of place you dream about going to and then when you get the chance to visit and you go and leave, you dream about the next time you get to go again. Granted it is a luxury resort and therefore comes with a pretty price tag - probably part of the reason we took so long to visit, but when you do get the chance to go, it is worth every penny and worth the wait.

*You can actually see Manamoc Island in some of the shots

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Photography: Kim Jones & Jericho Rosales