I feel no shame in admitting I have not only hopped on board the powder blue train, I dare say I will also attempt to hijack it and keep it for myself. A clear favourite during fashion week, there's just something about the milky sweetness of the pastel hue that doesn't scream, but rather gently whispers, a whimsical delicateness. All the more when it comes in a deliciously soft faux leather pencil skirt. There is nothing that I don't love injecting some baby blue into - my planners, sandals, candles and nail polish among other belongings have all fallen victim to my soft-hued revolution. That way, there is never a moment I don't feel like I'm floating aimlessly through the clouds or on the heels of Lupita Nyong'o. I'd gladly hop on the heavenly train of that floating, placid, ice princess-worthy Prada gown too. Zara Skirt, Zara Top, Zara Bag, Asos Rings, Sergio Rossi Heels

Photos by Jericho Rosales

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